Scope of Digital marketing and need to start Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital mode of Marketing is becoming mainstream in India. Even in 2010, the scope of digital marketing in India is very less . They were not thinking to change  traditional marketing methods. But market strengths  sure that most of the companies start doing  marketing . nowadays because digital marketing is highly inefficient when compared to traditional marketing.

But Nowadays, most of the companies realize the importance of marketing . They have to take this as there is no other option. This transformation in marketing practice give rise to  career opportunities in digital marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing a big deal?

The world goes to be a digital . Almost all of the companies in the world  will have an online presence, and thus will create a lot of career opportunities in digital marketing by the year of 2020

It is a growing field . So  your career growth in this growing . With the help of  marketing companies can easily reach their deserving sales and revenue with a small budget. The best part of digital marketing is you can start it with zero  investment. No waste of money .

It gives you  different career options. If you are a born writer, you can go for content writting. If you have an interest in analytics, you can in web analytics and so on.

Scope of Digital mode of  Marketing in India

India is one of the biggest countries in the world. It has the largest growing economies in the world.  India is on top of the digital trends, it means the scope of this marketing buisness in India is usefull.

According to Education journal survey, only 16% of the Indian population was using the internet till the end of 2013. The use of internet is increasing by 15%, and it reached 31% in 2014 and increased rapidly.

Almost 90% business will depend on Digital mode of Marketing in India. After UK and USA, India deals with the largest online shopping deals in eCommerce Businesses. The demand for this professionals will increase by 40% in this year. So It’s the right time to start learning digital marketing if you desire to get career opportunities in  marketing .


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